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Laredo Community College 

North Campus Central Plant Upgrades

Completion Date


Laredo, TX

Construction Start Date: ~May 2013

Construction End Date:
Under Construction

Service Provided

Estimated Construction Value:


About the Project

This project was a design-bid-build project for Laredo Community College. The project consists of adding a 400 ton chiller and matching cooling tower to increase the plant capacity to a nominal 1600 tons. In addition to this work, maintenance on the existing 12,000 ton-hour thermal storage tank will be performed as well as the replacement of the three (3) existing cooling towers and associated piping, pumps, valves and miscellaneous equipment.  The three (3) existing 400 ton chill water units will also be overhauled and repaired.  Campus isolation valves will also be replaced.  In addition to the mechanical work, the main electrical switchboard for the central plant will receive preventative maintenance on the breakers, surge protection, ground fault system, and the grounding system itself.  Interior and exterior lighting will also be replaced.

Project Architect: Sepulveda Associates Architects Inc.


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